Role-Playing Games

You can buy a lot of my work online from the Steve Jackson Games store, mostly but not solely in electronic form. Alternatively, one of my books, "The Small Folk", is available in PDF form from DriveThruRPG.

RPG Conventions

My contribution to RPG Fandom: information on upcoming British RPG Conventions. Also, I have a file of various people's advice on the art of organising them (preserved from a Usenet discussion years ago, and doubtless seriously dated now).

But Anyway...

The objective of these pages is (mostly) to provide a few amusing or useful links for RPG'ers. I'm not going to try to explain what RPGs are -- if you've come this far, you probably know already. If not -- jump in and browse around. When last I looked, the CAR-PGa had a good brief page attempting a definition, but generally, learning by doing is best.

Stuff of Mine and About Me on the 'Web

Transhuman Space stuff

Transhuman Space is a wonderful near-future, techno-optimistic hard SF setting from Steve Jackson Games. (Okay, yes, I'm the line editor.) Here are some useful or amusing resources for the game, from a variety of sources:

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