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Once upon a time, as a player of role-playing games such as Castle Falkenstein and GURPS Steampunk, I started collecting links to 'Web pages that seemed relevant. This grew into somewhat of a library of steampunk links, which might be of interest to other people. So here it is - an assortment of (mostly) nineteenth century ephemera, weirdness, and off-beat technology.

I'm always happy to acquire extra links for this page - please feel free to e-mail me with possibilities. (Or to tell me if any of these links cease to work - I don't always check such things very frequently.)


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Just for fun, I'm also going to put the odd relevant image here...
Lola Montez - Court Portrait

The remarkable (and untrustworthy) Lola Montez (alias Eliza Gilbert, alias Mrs James), as depicted by the court painter to one of her lovers, Ludwig I of Bavaria, in 1847.
Lola Montez - Photograph

The same lady, caught some four years later by the less romantic (but observant) camera, after being run out of Bavaria.
A Falkenstein Heroine?

And here is... A Falkenstein heroine. Well, she reminds me of some of my favourite Dramatic Characters. Original painting ("The Crack Shot") by James Tissot.
A Babbage Engine

The ultimate Steampunk Machine - a Babbage Engine, as built (to Babbage's original plans) by the Science Museum, London.
A Royal Microscope

Actually, this microscope is eighteenth century. I still think it's pure Steampunk, however. Solid silver. As seen in the Science Museum (again).

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